The epoch of jpl

To re-invent the concept of femininity through the sustainable development of modernised historical garments, impeccable tailoring, and ethereal draping. - JPL Atelier




We are an eco-luxe label linking the concept of fashion through time with sustainability, creating a fusion of past and present, helping to secure our future.

Our label takes pride in championing the women of the past, and the women of today. Our teams are made up entirely of talented female individuals - from seamstresses to shoot stylists - and we are part of the new wave of organisations proudly focusing on female empowerment as well as taking responsibility of our carbon footprint.

The core of our brand is founded within roots of story telling.  Our inspiration stems from fashion history and detailed design elements with an often romantic connotation. Each collection focuses on an era, with inspiration deriving from a fashionable moment in the time of which each collection is exploring.