At the heart of the JPL ethos is our commitment to sustainability. In a world where fast, transient, disposable fashion is the norm, we want to be a part of safeguarding our world’s future. We have created a clothing line using ethical, socially responsible practices using only 100% recycled and/or organic materials.

Luxurious, high quality fashion shouldn’t have to be at the detriment to the environment. Below is more information about the superhero fabrics we have used in our collections:


Both of our first two collections are made of RPet Satin Silk: “Produced from 100% recycled bottles” actually means the bottles used in the material were recycled (no green-washing here!).


The entirety of the Les Bases collection is made up of Bamboo ‘Vegan’ Silk: a closely woven 100% Oeko-Tex certified bamboo.

Our collections are certified 100% free from any toxic materials, ensuring you buy with confidence and wear with pride. JPL fabrics are certified as Oeko-Tex Standard 100 - a Swiss certification verifying no harmful chemicals are used in any stage of the manufacturing process.

It isn’t just the environment we care about. Our clothing is handmade in factories which have social certifications ensuring employees are treated equally and fairly, receiving a fair wage for their work on our treasured brand. 

All of our pieces are hand crafted in London, UK.