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> Mr Foggs House of Botanicals, Fitzrovia, London

Les Bases is JPL Atelier’s newest collection of not-so-basic staple pieces made entirely of ethereal bamboo silk.

The collection is composed of beautiful rich colours of tuscan gold, green graphite, crisp white and the darkest black. Double side slits, cowl necks, open backs, thin straps, and simple elegance are the core elements of our new collection. It is an ode to every young generation’s evolution into womanhood. Each piece of the collection has been designed to highlight and accentuate each heroine’s individual superpower, no matter what age.

About the Fabric: Each of our garments in this collection is made of the same eco-silk material called Bamboo Silk. To be more specific, it is a woven 100% Oeko-Tex certified bamboo which is lightweight and flowing but gives a heavy, silky drape and a beautiful satin finish.

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